Asset Management Policy

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I The Chief Executive Officer, have adopted the below-mentioned policy, rules, and regulation. Which from the best of my knowledge I, All employee or member of the company shall abide with. to assure that if any of the below-mentioned policies have broken further steps can take against the employee and also to safeguard the employee

Southern Africa Youth Project, is an equal opportunity granter.



  1. All telephones for the business of which you do not make calls to family members or any of your social networking
  2. You not allowed to leave your phone open or not locked unattended
  3. You not allowed to make personal calls.
  2. The internet is made available for company work-related content.
  3. The company does not allow employees to visit porn or adult content
  4. The employees do not download anything that is more than 5 MB on the internet that is music, pictures or software as that discussed in chapter 5 of policy and regulation
  1. All the employees requested to store all their music, files, documents that work-related on the server network computer. The reason, we do not want to lose information because of viruses which may harm your computer without us knowing
  2. the employees not allowed to eat or drink next to the machines as accidents to happen where you find the tea falling on to the keyboard


4.1. no employee of the company can service, or install any software or change any hardware in the computers

  1. 2. All employees requested to sign the requisition letter from the Administration office which shall attend to buy him or her. Then she processes it to the Chief Operations Officer to the relevant department
  2. 3. Please note that the following Programmes available if any problem with them happens let us know
  3. Anti Virus, Microsoft Office Word, Excell, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Internet Explorer, OUtlok, Sound Drives, Windows Meia Player, NO games (We don’t have the software with games)Adobe Acrobat, Paint, Winrar Reader
  4. All employee have the company email address which you shall use during work on Outlook
  5. The email address includes
  6. Your name and contact details may sometimes be published on the website
  7. You requested to report any faulty on your computer so we can help solve it
  8. Computers scanned at least once a month. We sometimes interrupt you from working due to the scanning, repairing or machines and so on


  1. All asset in the office record for quality purposes. However, we urge you to report any problem with chairs, tables, keyboards, computers or anything so we can attend and service it for you
  2. no employee change any office equipment without notifying the administration.
  3. the administration is the one has a responsibility no employee may on their own time do the moving in and changing on any furniture unless in their offices (You can move it to the way you want it)


  1. You advise to take care of staples, punctures, files, information and papers that important to you
  2. you request to store all the data safely and securely on shelves for availability when needed


  1. If any employee wants to take the Laptop for presentation or anything
  2. sign the requisition letter and sign the assets removal form
  3. If the laptop or modem, anything happens to them. You liable to pay the full amount of its costs
  4. we to say the Accountants held us has a responsibility for any loss. So you


  1. No help is given to you unless you sign the requisition letter and submit it to admin
  2. we demand your service with high standards


  1. all the members requested to sign the requisition letter for transport to any work related place for taxi fare
  2. no employee shall go to a home without a requisition for transportation or you may use your cash and refundable when you come back
  3. we advise you to careful and considerate when it comes to wasting money