Faculty of Education Studies FOES

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The Faculty of Education Studies FOES is dedicated to providing education for people interested in Training, Education and Teaching.

Do you have the love to train children, youth or adults. Our courses are dedicated for people who wants to teach in Pre-Schools, Early Childhood Development, Primary School, Secondary School, Afternoon Care, Non-Profit Organisations, Higher Education and Training Institutions.

Our Courses in Includes (Click on the course for more information)

Online Course in Numeracy Facilitation 244256

Online Course in Learning Culture Promotion 252041

Facilitator Course 11781

Facilitator Assessor and Moderator Course 117871-115753-115759

Assessor and Moderator Course 115753-115759

Advice and Referral Course 15221

Online Course in ECD Early Childhood Development Fundamentals 244484-244480

Moderator Course 115759

Coaching and Mentorship Course

Assessor Course 115753

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