Monitoring Policy

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Monitoring and review of Programmes and Qualifications and Programmes

Southern Africa Youth Project is committed to keeping a high standard of Programme delivery. The rule of Programmes reviewed continuously—computer Programmes where Beneficiary results in a sign of the success of the learning intervention external exams written. Any weaknesses in the Programmes identified and rectified.

Monitoring and review of the delivery

Southern Africa Youth Project is very firsthand, with constant contact between management and clients. Site visits conducted regularly to encourage consistent and robust delivery.

 Staff and Facilitators complete monitoring documents monthly so that any backlog found rectified.

Monitoring and review of Beneficiary attainment

Beneficiary achievements tracked monthly by the monthly report to clients—electronic and paper records of these results store for a period of three years.

If there is any need for remedial intervention showed in these monthly reports, the action taken with immediate effect. Staff and Facilitators conduct remediation to revisit concepts that have not understood.

From the analysis of monitoring and review reports and data collected in measuring and monitoring activities, high levels of nonconformity identified daily, weekly, and monthly—the most severe problems selected from troubleshooting and targeted for improvement.

Internal monitoring plan

Weekly plan

SOUTHERN AFRICA YOUTH PROJECT contacts Staff and Facilitators to check facilitator and Beneficiary attendance and to discuss any problems.

Monthly plan

 Staff and Facilitators complete a report showing whether lessons following lesson plans. If the facilitator is either way ahead of schedule or route behind, corrective action discussed with the facilitator. Monthly contact between The Chief Executive Officer and clients allows foe monitoring of Beneficiary progress and customer satisfaction with services.

Annual plan

Review of policies and procedures

Review plan for policies and procedures


Planning Review Cycle

 To achieve the highest standards of training and programmes and development, Southern Africa Youth Project believes that personal involvement and commitment at all levels is essential. We in a relationship, Strategic Partnerships and sees employees as internal customers that deliver quality products/service if well looked after.

When Programme developed, customer-specific needs, NATIONAL QUALIFICATION AND PROGRAMMES ASSURANCE requirements and NATIONAL QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORKS (NQF) AND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES STANDARDS (IPS) levels considered. Programmes designed to outcomes-base and the preferred method of delivery is the workshop method where beneficiaries take responsibility for their learning with aid and input from the facilitator

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