Our History

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Our founder Neftaly Malatjie received a request that the old and young wants to further their studies without leaving their home.

Neftaly Malatjie a philanthropist was moving around inviting people to join the community projects he was running.

Their many people said they do not want to join a community project they want to further their studies and get higher education qualifications.

It shifted his mindset. He was puzzled. But he sat down and took notes of all the request.

  • Others said they want to complete high school.
  • Others said that they completed high school they want to further their studies.
  • Others said they want to further but they are too busy.
  • Others said they dropped out because they could not afford accommodation and transportation to higher education every day.
  • Others said that they dropped out as they could not change in the middle of time.
  • Others said they could not meet the time to enrol in higher education.
  • Others said they want to study abroad.

This is where Neftaly Malatjie our founder established Southern Africa Youth Academy.

An institution dedicated to developing and changing lives.

We are no longer having age limit or education limit.

We serve everyone with integrity, respect and love.

Enjoy being at Southern Africa Youth Academy.