Strategic Partnerships Policy

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Southern Africa Youth Project strives to promote, sustain, and continually improve the provision of Youth Development Interventions offered by Southern Africa Youth Project using an implementation of the following methods:

  1. Identification of the knees of beneficiaries relates to current and future labour market knees, demographics, business and further skills and youth development opportunities.
  2. Allocation of strategic partnerships responsibilities to identified individuals or groups.
  3. Promotion and effective communication of products and services, including clear, accurate information about content, delivery, Programme Assessment, review and referral, guidance, and Beneficiary support
  4. Continue review of the products and services offered for sustained suitability and applicability
  5. Continual review of resources requires to provide such products and services effectively.
  6. Maintenance of, and access to, a comprehensive and current Client, Partnerships and Membership Database System, and relevant labour market information, for use by all beneficiaries.
  7. Maintenance of close links and partnerships with other Youth Empowerment organisations and local employment organisations.
  8. Implementation of a Policies and Procedures System to ensure the continued quality of products and services offered.


1. Purpose: The purpose of the strategic partnership’s unit procedure is to detail the requirements for the Strategic Partnerships of the services and products offered by Southern Africa Youth Project to sustain and continually improve the services offered.

2. Scope: The scope of procedures includes the following:

  • Market trends
  • Strategic partnerships responsibilities
  • Programmes Promotions
  • Review
  • Products and Services
  • Resources
    • Client, Partnerships and Membership Database System access for beneficiaries
    • Professional Relationship Links

3. References: Relevant Programme Type and Short programmes for the programmes marketed.

4. Definitions

  • Strategic Partnerships Programme Assessment, review, and referral the process of measuring the achievements of Strategic Partnerships Unit
  • Programme Type and Short programmes Registered statements of desire Youth Empowerment outcomes, their associate Programme Assessment, review, and referral criteria, together with administrative and other information as specified in the regulation.

5. Responsibilities

  • The responsibility for Strategic Partnerships lies with The Chief Executive Officer and the team.